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| Projects - 21 songs of love

Music and love are universal languages connecting us through heart and soul, no matter your

place of birth, your colour or creed. A song can speak the language of love across many nations,

creating unification through music.

The project  21 songs of love  brings together three female singers from Africa, Asia and Europe

to share the powerful languages of love and music.  

Karima Nayt, Joanna Slowi´nska and Talya G.A Solan are coming from different religions (Muslim, Jewish, Christian) different countries (Algeria, Israel, Poland)  and speak in their daily life

different languages (Arabic, Polish, Hebrew). 

The cross-cultural project allures the audience and captivates it thanks to the strong presence of the 

modern symphonic orchestra of Krakov.

Mikolaj Blajda, the conductor and musical director of the modern symphonic orchestra of Krakow,  

brought his concept into life arranging the Arabic, Jewish, Polish music with a magnificent touch

of completeness.

The unforgettable concert premier took place at Crossroad festival in Krakow, Poland on July 2011.

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