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Born in Rehovot, Israel, Talya G.A Solan  is one of the fresh, fascinating voices in the Israeli ‘World Music scene.
a graduate of Tel-Aviv University's Art Faculty, Israel. Student of Mrs. Rachel Hochman.

In  2004 she established the Israeli ethnic ensemble and begun performing  especially Gypsy & Balkan repertoire. Few years later the ensemble developed a unique style derived from ancient Jewish sources, contemporary Israeli music, original material,  Arabic & Balkan music as well.
The colorful Mediterranean tapestry presented by the ensemble enhanced the curiosity of  festivals programmers and the group was invited to various festivals around the world:
Italy, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Malta, Slovenia, Poland, Bosnia Herzegovina, USA.

Talya  took part in fascinating collaborations such 21 songs of love concert with Krakow Modern Symphonic orchestra, Lalya B'Canaan with  Jean-Louis Matinier, Zohar Fresco, Itamar Erez and Avri Borochov and with international group of 7sois 7luas festival featuring flamenco singer, Juan Pinilla Martin.

 Talya’s singing is versatile and multi-colored. She elegantly   gallops from Yemenite trills to Bulgarian folk songs. Through singing, she expresses her roots (Bulgarian and Yemenite) and her curious soul.

Her performances derive from a wide range of traditions and musical heritages: folk songs, Gypsy songs, the Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) music, liturgical songs for holidays and weekdays from the Jewish religious texts (the Song of Songs, verses from Psalms etc) and other songs of roots and tradition are the main basis upon which Talya establishes her singing and her musical materials. 








Background photo: Johnson photography, Sandusky, OH