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Talya G.A Solan is an independent Israeli musician, songwriter and producer. 

Her colorful, expressive voice and the fascinating music materials she performs have drawn international attention

to her body of work.

Born in Rehovot, Israel, a graduate of Tel-Aviv University's Art Faculty and student of  Mrs. Rachel Hochman - the

coach to Israel's leading singers, Talya showed an artistic flair from an early age.

Her love and research of the Hebrew language and her deep affection to old Hebrew texts and biblical poetry appear

in her original work, which refers mostly to ancient times.

Influenced by tribal voice production, women singing, sacred and secular Jewish chants, natural singing and  warm,

soft and open middle eastern sounds she has emerged as a fresh, appealing musician with an exquisite capacity.


Talya's group -  Yamma Ensemble presents mainly contemporary original and traditional Hebrew music.

Insisting on acoustic instruments, half of which have their origin in the East, the ensemble integrates musical

elements from middle east with Western forms of music. Combining melismatic riches of the Eastern Maqam

with the charming irregular rhythms-  they explore the territory of free improvisation.


The Ladino Time  project brings out Talya's family heritage. As a descendant of Spanish Jews who settled

in Bulgaria, she maintains a musical tradition that has been preserved for centuries.

Together with her fellow musicians the group performs  the captivating repertoire of diaspora Jews who were

expelled from Spain in the fifteenth-century.


As the years went by Talya's global musical activity flourished. She has been giving concerts around the

world and had the honor to take part in exclusive stage collaborations, e.g:

Krakow Modern Symphony OrchestraBehind the Time Project, with brilliant accordion master, 

Jean-Louis Matinier. The encounter with Matinier spawned after few years Layla B'Canaan project,

a prestigious collaboration featuring Jean-Louis Matinier and Zohar Fresco.  

Talya is a member of Kedem Ensemble, a cross-cultural group that joins together musicians from Israel, Iran,

Italy and Switzerland.

As an active experienced music & media producer, Talya established  in 2014 Music Port Israel,

a nonprofit organization which aims to support mobility and promotion of Israeli musicians around the world.




background photo: Johnson photography, Sandusky